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Gerard Farrés

Descubre la colección de camisetas de Gerard Farrés, amante del motor. Con un diseño moderno y dinámico, es una declaración de apoyo a un campeón y su filosofía de vida. Fabricada con materiales de alta calidad, ofrece comodidad y durabilidad.

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E2P Group: Escuela de Pilotos

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In Infinite Garage
We are passionate about motorsport and, giving free rein to our
creativity, we have launched a new fashion brand that fuses style
classic old school garments with the world of motorsport, being the passion for
Cars, motorcycles and iconic vehicles are our connecting link.

Infinite Garage is a fashion brand
urban that is born from the passion for cars and motorcycles. Its founders, two
lovers and professionals of the world of design, have created a brand that reflects
his life style.

The brand combines elements from the world of fashion with that of
automotive. Their clothes are modern and urban, but they also have a touch of
personality and rebellion. They are made with high quality materials and with
iconic designs from the world of automobiles and motorcycles.

Infinite Garage offers a wide range of
garments, from t-shirts and sweatshirts to accessories - mugs,
paintings, etc.-. All designs are inspired by cars and motorcycles,
with details such as profiles of well-known cars and motorcycles,
racing prints or logos of legendary brands.

The brand is aimed at an audience looking for a unique style and
original. Our garments are perfect for everyday use and also for going
“absolute fit” on those hangouts with friends!



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